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Fabric Cleaning.

Dust and Dander seem to 
accumulate in high traffic areas
 for people and pets. Carpets,
 Upholstered Furniture, Rugs,
 Drapes and especially 
Mattresses tend to have high
 concentrations of dust mites
 because these are the areas
 of the home that people and
 pets use the most. Duraclean
 personnel are equipped and
 trained to professionally clean 
all of these fabrics. 

Our cleaning process starts with, pre-vacuuming with a hepa filtered vacuum cleaner to pick up most solids prior to cleaning without blowing dust back into the home environment. Next, we pre-spray the areas to be cleaned with an alkaline soil releaser to better remove grime and stains. If there are special spots such as pet stains, these areas will be treated with special cleaning agents designed for specific type stains. After the pre-spray treatment fabrics are cleaned and rinsed using a hot water extraction system. Studies have shown that hot water at 140° Fahrenheit will kill dust mites and the water temperature coming out of our “Butler” truck mount systems is approximately 212° Fahrenheit. Some cleaners leave fabric with an alkaline PH after cleaning but this tends to make the fabric a magnet for dirt, dander and dust. Duraclean avoid this problem by rinsing the fabrics with a mildly acidic cleaning agent that not only cleans but has the effect of neutralizing the alkaline pre-spray and leaving the fabric with a neutral PH.  

Anti- Allergen Treatment.
Duraclean now offers “Allergy Relief Treatment” for Allergy sufferers. This product is sprayed on fabrics and has the effect of denaturing up to 90% of the dust mites in a home for up to 6 months. “Allergy Relief Treatment” changes the shape of the allergen proteins making them unrecognizable to the body. This treatment is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, dye and perfume free, contains no volatile organic compounds, phosphates or other hazardous materials and are biodegradable and environmentally safe. Several brochures that describe this Anti-Allergen Treatment are enclosed with this letter.

We clean Carpets, Rugs , Upholstered Furniture, Draperies and Mattresses
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