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 Take these steps immediately if you have water damage.

• Close any water valves feeding the area were the 
  damage occurred. If you can’t find
  a valve inside the house, turn the water off at the
  water meter.
• Call Duraclean (478-742-1411) 
• Call your plumber to the leak. If you don’t know
   a plumber to call, we will  recommend one.
• Call your insurance company to report the loss. 
  Tell your insurance representative that you have
  chosen Duraclean to clean up the  water damage.

If you lived in Central Georgia in 1994 you will
remember the “Great Flood of 1994”. This disaster
caused flooding in thousands of houses and 
businesses and the water damage was extensive. 
The cost of repairs and restorations are said to
have been over 500 million dollars. Fortunately we
don’t have many like this one in Central Georgia 
but almost every day in our community a property
owner experiences a water damage disaster. 
These are not natural disasters like the Great 
Flood of 1994 but to the home owner or business
owner these are disasters none the less.

Most commonly, a water damage is caused by a break in a water or sewage pipe, or the malfunction of an appliance such as a water heater, ice maker, or washing machine. If these breaks or malfunctions go undetected for even short lengths of time, the result can be substantial damage to structural materials and furnishings. It is imperative that water damage be cleaned up and dried out as soon as possible to prevent mold growth and further damage to flooring and sheetrock.

You can count on the Professionals at Duraclean get the dry out done right the first time. Some companies claim to make a disaster “like it never happened”. While that may be true for the physical property, that can never be true for the emotional strain and inconvenience that a home disaster puts on individuals, and families or the loss of productivity that a business disaster puts on owners and employees. We know that a water damage will disrupt your life but the folks at Duraclean will be there to help you personally as well as help restore your property. Know that you have a partner with Duraclean.

Here are the basics of how we will handle your water damage:

• Quickly scramble a crew and arrive at the scene with the right equipment.
• Survey the extent of damage and take pictures.
• Get your approval to begin the work.
• Extract any standing water.
• Explain to you our recommendation on how best to restore you property to
  pre-damage condition.
• Measure the moisture content of damaged materials and the moisture content
  of the air in each damaged room.
• Check for damage in the basement crawlspace if you have one.
• Check for water in duct work.
• Calculate the appropriate number of turbo fans, dehumidifiers, and injecti-dry
  systems need to dry out the damaged areas.
• Remove any floor covers, baseboards or non salvageable material that will
  impede drying.
• Take daily moisture readings and adjust equipment as necessary to progress
  the drying process.
• Work with your insurance company to identify which damaged materials, if any,
  will need to be replaced.
• Coordinate with the building contractor you select for any rebuilding that may
  be required.