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Professional Carpet Cleaning, Exceptional Results

When your carpets look dirty, your whole space looks dirty. Vacuuming can only do so much. Keep your carpets in their best condition with Duraclean Solutions’ carpet cleaning services. We use professional-grade carpet cleaning equipment and cleaners that give your carpets a much better cleaning than any rentable DIY carpet cleaning equipment can. Just give us a call to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment.

Quality Carpet Care

Quality Work

You get nothing but the best carpet cleaning when you hire Duraclean.


Our training and years of experience make us experts in making your dingy, dirty carpets look new again.

Customer Service

We want you to be happy with our services. Our team is diligent, friendly, and trustworthy.

Why Carpet Cleaning is Important

Over the course of a regular day, your carpets receive a lot of use. This leads to dust, dirt, bacteria, allergens, food, pet hair, and more getting trapped deep within your carpet’s fibers. Professional carpet cleaning counteracts this wear and tear and leaves your carpet looking fresh and like new. The benefits of carpet cleaning include:

  • Removing bad odors
  • Removing dust, dirt, hair, pet dander, and other debris
  • Removing allergens and bacteria
  • Removing crumbs and stains
  • Remove signs of furniture indentation and foot traffic
  • Lengthen your carpet’s lifespan

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

At Duraclean we choose a cleaning process for carpet that best meets your needs. We are equipped to use either a steam cleaning process or a low moisture process. If spot removers are needed, they are chosen based on the cause of the spot. We also recommend odor removers as needed. Stain protection to protect against future carpet stains is also available.

Call us now to schedule an appointment.

Count On Duraclean’s Carpet Cleaning Expertise

You can rest easy when you entrust carpet cleaning to our team. At Duraclean, we have been cleaning the carpets of businesses and homes across Central Georgia for decades. We have built a reputation for our excellent customer service and our unbeatable results. When you want the best for your carpet, call Duraclean Solutions.

3 Steps for Fresh Carpets

Step 1

Call Duraclean and schedule your cleaning appointment with us.

Step 2

Our team will arrive and get to work.

Step 3

You can enjoy your fresh, clean carpet.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Won’t Cut It

Rentable DIY carpet cleaning equipment can’t get you the results that Duraclean can. DIY equipment is notorious for failing to properly rinse out your carpet. It leaves your carpet wet and covered in sticky detergent residue that only attracts dirt and grime more quickly. Ultimately, it leaves your carpet worse off than it was before you started trying to clean it.

At Duraclean, we use professional-grade carpet cleaning equipment that helps us achieve unbeatable results. Our time-tested detergent rinsing process means we will never leave your carpet sticky. By the time we are done, your carpet will be fluffy and clean. When you want results, trust the experts. Call Duraclean Solutions today.

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