When To Hire A Mold Removal Company In Macon

Mold is a common problem in homes. Being in a humid area such as Macon, Georgia, will exponentially increase the risk of mold growth. While a small amount of mold may not be a cause for concern, a large amount of growth or a recurring mold problem can be both unsightly and pose health risks, while also developing into a structural issue over time. Mold damage often presents an immediate danger, and should be addressed immediately by a mold removal company. This blog post discusses the signs to watch out for that indicate the need to call a mold removal company. mold removal company macon

Mold Removal Company – Macon, Georgia

Visible Mold Growth

The most obvious indication that a homeowner needs to call a mold removal company is the physical presence of mold in a house. Mold can show up as black, green, or white patches on many parts of a home, such as walls, ceilings, floors, and various other surfaces. If a homeowner identifies the presence of mold in their home, it is critical to address it as soon as possible to keep the issue from spreading and causing more damage. Professional mold removal companies in Macon have the experience and equipment needed to get rid of the mold and keep it away.

Lingering Musty Odor

Even when the human eye cannot see the mold, a musty or earthy smell in the home can tip a homeowner off to a potential problem. As mold grows, it releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can smell musty, earthy, or moldy. If a homeowner picks up on a persistent musty smell in their home, they should consider calling a mold remediation company. Professionals can conduct testing in the home to determine where the odor is coming from, and if there is mold present.

Water Damage Or Moisture Issues

Mold often grows after water damage or any humidity and moisture exposure. If a house suffered from water damage due to leaking roof, burst pipe or flooding, mold may start to grow within 24 to 48 hours. High humidity is another factor and favorable condition for mold development. If a homeowner has experienced water damage, flooding, or moisture issues in their house, they should dry it as soon as possible, and call a mold removal company to check the house for mold and remediate any mold colonies.

Allergy Symptoms Or Respiratory Issues

Mold can cause common allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, congestion, skin rash, itchy eyes, shortness of breath, or worsening asthma symptoms. For people with an allergy, or for individuals who are immunocompromised, exposure to mold can trigger an allergic reaction. Plus, if there is mold in a home and homeowners or their family members have breathing problems (such as asthma or allergies), exposure to mold can exacerbate respiratory issues. If there are unexpected allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, congestion, or a skin rash, a certified mold removal company can perform an inspection for mold in the home, and then perform mold removal if they find it. Removing mold will usually reduce allergy symptoms, and typically improve the indoor air quality.

Property Sale Or Renovation

If a homeowner is going to sell or renovate, a mold removal company is needed to prevent other occupants from living in a toxic, hazardous, and unsafe home. The presence of a significant amount of mold will reduce the value of the home and turn away prospective buyers. Workers who will be involved in the renovation will also be exposed to the toxic substance because they could render the mold growth airborne during demolition and disruption. To avoid this expensive mistake, a homeowner will want to hire a mold removal company to remediate the mold growth before listing their home for sale, or before starting any renovation.

In conclusion, knowing when to call a mold removal company in Macon, Georgia is important when it comes to the health of the home and occupants. If you see any mold growth, smell a musty odor, notice any water damage, have allergy symptoms, or are planning to sell or renovate your property, do not hesitate to call us at Duraclean of Macon. Our professional mold removal team will have the equipment and experience necessary to safely and effectively identify and remove any mold from your home and restore it to a healthy living environment for you and your family.